About Survive the Night

The old Elgin Casket Company has been home to many things since it closed its doors. Gang violence, escaped institution patients, and even cult activity to just scratch the surface. From this, there are many evils hidden within the building.

Most recently a doctor has set up shop in the basement. This doctor has committed unspeakable horrors during his stay. Horrors as in capturing those who were brave enough to explore the building, locking them in cages, and preforming experiments the world wouldn’t believe.

Like any thrill seeking horror fan, you have heard about the haunted history of the building and have gone to explore it for yourself. Only to realize you have been added to the list of new patients the doctor wishes to operate on.

Locked within the building you will have 6 hours to escape the evil within. Find the clues, explore the building, come face to face with the evil lurking inside, and accept the punishments should you fail.

Evil Intentions Survive the Night